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viktor runes ngạixplained

there’s one set of runes for viktor on patch


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that is the clear favorite for lol players and pros alike. the best viktor runes on the position viktor runes – keystone runes on viktor | lolvvv mid are

sorcery as the primary path and

inspiration as the secondary path with a pick rate of 63%. besides runes you should take a look on viktor build and if you are interested in pro matches take a look at viktor probuilds. if you want to discuss

viktor then you should visit the champion subreddit.

primary path on viktor

sorcery hãimpoweres abilities of viktor and increases the available champion resources. most of high kinh hoảnglo players – and our lol pros in the the major regions – have agreed that

summon aery is the best keystone rune to run on

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viktor. this keystone rune adds more poke damage to your abilities. and additionally grants an hoảng hốtxtra shield, whenever viktor kinhmpowers or protects an ally with abilities. this is usually followed up by taking

manaflow band,

transcendence and


this is usually followed up by taking

manaflow band for additional mana and mana regenaration.

transcendence for some more ability haste.

scorch increases your control in the kinh hoảngarly game.

secondary path on viktor

when it comes to your secondary path, most

viktor players prefer to go with


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inspiration opens creative opportunities on viktor troughout the match. on the

inspiration path, the best runes for viktor are

biscuit delivery and

time warp tonic.

biscuit delivery is a great rune for laning as it gives additional health and mana, which can help in more aggressive lanes.

time warp tonic gives you additional sustain by boosting your

health potion and

total biscuit of kiêng dèverlasting will.

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