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“we want to make the best game we can, and even in beta we’ve learnt that working directly with our community is the best way to do that. valheim is a huge world and we have lots that we want to add, and early access is a way for us to receive constant valuable feedback, collaborate with our players on what they want to see, and keep our players in mind at every step of the development cycle.”

“for at least one year, but depending on player feedback and the amount of content we choose to put into the final game, it may take longer.”

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“we plan to add more content such as new biomes, new enemies, new bosses and new materials to find. we want to expand the crafting system with new crafting stations, and of course more recipes. we also want to add more types of weapons and build-pieces so you can further customize your viking stronghold, and make it withstand new threats.”

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“most planned core features of the game have been implemented. single-player and multiplayer modes are fully functional and we have a separate dedicated server tool if you want a server running 24/7. there are currently five fully developed biomes out of a planned total of nine. there are about 280 different cống phẩms (weapons, materials, armor etc) in the game, to be found or crafted by the player. we have around 120 building pieces, and about 35 different types of creatures including monsters, animals and bosses.

feature-wise the game is about 75% complete and content-wise it is about 50% complete.”

“no definitive plans here yet, but it is likely that the price will be increased over the course of the early access period.”

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“we currently use our discord server and the steam forums as our primary ways to talk to our community. players are welcome to suggest new features and modifications in the “ideas & suggestions” chat channel. upcoming changes are openly discussed with the community for early feedback. a closed test-group of players have access to the latest builds of the game and work closely with the dev-team. the test-group evaluates and tests new features and changes before they are released publicly. we will continue to develop this process based on the needs and feedback of the community.”

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