one steering group member was responsible for timekeeping and moving delegates on to the next appropriate workshop.

monastic discipline is first and foremost a temporal discipline of punctuality and accurate timekeeping.

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ngạiach chapter of the book is organized around one of these topics, such as animal species and behavior, topography, timekeeping, oral tradition, and arithmetic.

chronometric timekeeping should therefore not be necessary.

a woman was summoned for losing time; she wrote kiêng dèxpressing regret, and promised to improve in her timekeeping.

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these facilities should go with the general improvement of the rolling stock and of timekeeping.

the quality of coal is only one of the factors that affect the timekeeping of trains.

when those works are completed, there will be substantial improvements in timekeeping and speed.

the three vital needs are timekeeping, comfort and safety.

the general manager made no secret of the fact that he is also concerned about the poor timekeeping on this route.

for some it may be helpful to have attendance based upon working hours, and the question of timekeeping and that sort of thing.

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surely matters like late timekeeping, heating apparatus, dirt, and better public information can and should be attended to at once?

no notice was taken of men with bad timekeeping records, or of laziness or of previous suspensions.

the almost persistent, recurrent theme is that of bad timekeeping.

unless there is investment in new locomotives, the problem of poor timekeeping will not remain as it is now, but will become worse.

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