Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim nations where prostitution is legal, and the country’s largest brothel is called Daulatdia, where more than 1,500 women and girls sell sex to thousands of men every day. Daulatdia is infamous for drug abuse and underage prostitution, and many of its sex workers are victims of sexual slavery … Đọc tiếp

Black Sea: Summer spot or sex slave route

Ukrainian city of Odessa has become a hub for the sex slave industry. Its strategic port location makes it a hot spot for human trafficking between the region and the rest of the world. Hundreds of thousands come to Odessa during the high tourist season. Yet for many this harbor is a point of no … Đọc tiếp

Sex Drive-Ins

GET OUR AWESOME NEW POSTER! The city of Zurich just opened up their sex-industry-regulating Sex Drive-Ins. The Swiss city hopes these sex-boxes will provide a clean, safe, and regulated (and sexy) environment for the oldest profession in the world. Our Sources: More stories at: or check out: for our 5 daily videos or anything else … Đọc tiếp

Inside Thailand's multi-billion dollar sex industry

Prostitution may be illegal in Thailand – but it’s also a multi-billion dollar business. But in March, the country declared a state of emergency because of COVID-19. So what happens to the sex industry in the age of coronavirus and the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on it? SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel … Đọc tiếp

The Secret Child Sex Trade Hiding in Kenya's Tropical Paradise

Child Prostitution: It’s estimated that thousands of Kenyan children are involved in Prostitution September 2009 Kenya’s stunning beaches attract thousands of tourists each year but this tropical paradise hides a harrowing secret. Children as young as 6 are having to risk their lives and sell sex in order to survive. As night falls, Mombasas clubs … Đọc tiếp