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mental state

a mental state is a state of mind in which states are a combination of mental representations and propositional attitudes. one can have various states such as: love, hate, pleasure and pain, and attitudes like: believing, conceiving, hoping and fearing. in other words the mental state is a mental condition which is affected by feelings/emotions and result into having certain attitudes.

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lower ranked players tend to allow their emotions to get to them more often than higher ranked players. bad plays or teammates can cause anger and frustration which swings the mental state into a negative one. higher ranked players tend to neglect emotions more often or don’t allow the emotions to affect their mental state, they stay focused on the game and look for opportunities.


alot of players blame others because it’s easy or they have a big ego.

what even is an ego?

the origin of “ego” comes from the latin word meaning “i”. it’s how the conscious mind deals with the unconscious parts and the world around us.

having a big ego is basically a high belief in ourselves (high self image) for example our abilities/skills to do something (make an outplay), our importance to people and our place in society (being the image for your viewers as a streamer/guidemaker). having a big ego is just a self perception which doesn’t necessarily mirror the truth. we as humans can be very ego centric and our minds can often look for ways to boost up our egos to feel good about ourselves. there is nothing wrong in us feeling good about ourselves. having a high self image and self worth is more beneficial than a low self image which could lead to conditions like depression. having a low self image or suffering from depression is obviously a bad thing, it’s life limiting and potentially harmful.

however having too big of an ego can lead to arrogance and hubris (excess of confidence/thinking you’re better than others), these are generally unlikable character traits. when a person seeks to boost up their ego they often target other people to accomplish it. insulting them directly or indirectly in order to make themselves appear and feel good. they may put down other peoples achievements for the simple reason of gratifying their own egos.

big egos can also lead to a delusional way of thinking. they may say things like “i am always right” or “i am never wrong”, they may never admit when they are wrong, their egos won’t allow it. understand that seeking a quick ego boost is a very limited and short sighted method of feeling good about oneself that will probably do you more harm than good in the long term. the same way an elo boost works.

note: understand that the need to boost up your ego could just be a compensation for a low self image.

so next time you bump into someone arrogant/delusional in your solo queue games, just pretend they have a low self esteem. xd

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quick recap

having an ego is good and important, but don’t overkill it. it just has to be balanced and controlled with enough self awareness to prevent a healthy self belief turning into harmful delusional thinking.


there are better ways to feel good about yourself. for example the feeling you get from helping somebody or generally doing good is far better than a simple ego boost that comes from putting somebody else down. so instead of blaming others, self-reflect on your own gameplay. the most straightforward way is to look at replays of your own games. analyze your decision making and use of abilities.

support kayle - angel with a shotgun | season 11 wipanalyzing examples

support kayle - angel with a shotgun | season 11 wip

now obviously you can’t self-reflect every single game you play (well you can but it’s too time consuming, exhausting and we just want to play more games right?), but the more you analyze, the more you will learn about the game and thus become better at it (that’s what you want!).

note: don’t blame yourself for every single ability you miss during a game, you can’t land them all. but the more you do land, the more consistent your games will go. try to understand which ones are crucial so you can distinguish them from the ones that wouldn’t have made a big difference.

“i can’t always land skill shots. i’m only human.” – gorilla

fun vs competitive

some players have a more competitive drive than others, some want to have more fun than others. determine what the case is for you. what is your goal? do you want to mostly have fun or climb?

fun or off meta champion picks are not necessarily the strongest picks, however can add a surprise factor and throw your opponents off when played perfectly. if you have a desire to climb pick champions you’re very good at and consider learning newer/reworked champions with a very solid/strong kit. the combination of the two, being good at the champion aswell as it being overtuned (aka balanced lul), increases your chances to win games.

note for players with competitive drive: if you’re (super far) ahead of the enemy team, your goal is not to just stay ahead but to further increase your lead and to close out the game with a victory. winning and being ahead is fun, some players fool around and have fun when they are ahead, however this opens up opportunities for the enemy team. if you queue up to climb don’t mess around and take that lp while you can. why only think about your lp when you’re behind but not when ahead?

if you’re more of a player that wants to have fun. do whatever makes you happy, just keep in mind you’re also playing with other players (unless you like playing bot games), don’t have fun at cost of other players mental state.

note for fun players: i’d recommend to keep the fun in normal games/aram. ranked games are for players with a competitive drive and a winning attitude. there are points on the line afterall, not just any points, but league points. i know that keeping fun out of ranked games may be hard for some regions knowing that na is a 4fun4 region. hehe xd

ranked games

some general tips to increase your chances at winning your ranked games:

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  • play when you’re focused, energized (after a meal), avoid playing tired after a long rough day of work/school.
  • have a great mental, be optimistic and positive.
  • only play champions you’re very good at.
  • play overtuned champions (only if you’re good at them).
  • pick champions that synergize with your team composition (only if you’re good at them).
  • avoid making crucial mistakes/deaths.
  • don’t focus on teammates/own mistakes, focus on opportunities instead.

stay focused

even when playing focused players can make mistakes.

“mistakes are opportunities, ya know.” – reignover

mistakes definitely open up new opportunities, however the counter-argument would be that making too many mistakes will put your team too far behind.

support kayle - angel with a shotgun | season 11 wipexample

support kayle - angel with a shotgun | season 11 wipcounter-argument example

avoid making crucial mistakes/deaths and try not to focus on the mistakes that are being made during a game but instead the opportunities which progress the state of the game for your team.

optimism, pessimism and realism

when you’re optimistic, you tend to see the brighter side of things, believe in people, and you’re convinced that things are getting better. the opposite of the optimist is the pessimist, who sees everything as negative as possible. the pessimist believes that things are bad, and that they’re going to get worse. the realist tries to see things as they really are, and expects the future to act according to probabilities and tendencies.

support kayle - angel with a shotgun | season 11 wip

this is another one of those you want to keep balanced. being pessimistic won’t make your mental state feel good, thus winning games may become harder. being optimistic is positive, you may win games from behind that others may already given up on, staying optimistic and focused throughout the game will help you find the opportunities to swing the game in your teams favor. however being too optimistic when the game is long gone isn’t good either (e.g. top lane is 0/5, mid lane is 0/5 and adc is 0/5), that’s when you need to realize the actual state of the game, start to be more realistic and move on to your next game.

note: in pro play teams pretty much never ff anymore compared to earlier seasons, not necessarily because they’re too optimistic, they may already have realized the game is a loss, however they keep playing to gain more experience and get better at playing from behind. sometimes they’ll even grab the win surprising themselves.

last but not least, risk-taking tends to come easily to optimists.

so next time you have a too optimistic teammate trying to do something crazy mission impossible, tell them to get real. realistic that is.

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