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there’s one set of runes for rek’sai on patch


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that is the clear favorite for lol players and pros alike. the best rek’sai runes on the position rek'sai runes – keystone runes on rek'sai | lolvvv jungle are

precision as the primary path and

sorcery as the secondary path with a pick rate of 31%. besides runes you should take a look on rek’sai build and if you are interested in pro matches take a look at rek’sai probuilds. if you want to discuss

rek’sai then you should visit the champion subreddit.

primary path on rek’sai

precision improves attack and sustained damage on rek’sai troughout the match. most of high kinhlo players – and our lol pros in the the major regions – have agreed that

conqueror is the best keystone rune to run on

rek’sai. this keystone rune provides additional power in the later stages of a game. as soon as

conqueror is fully charged, rek’sai deals additional damage and gains life steal. this is usually followed up by taking


legend: alacrity and

coup de grace.

triumph restores on rek’sai a part of missing health and award bonus gold, if a champion is killed.

legend: alacrity grants additional attack speed to rek’sai. rek’sai deals with

coup de grace more damage to targets with low health.

secondary path on rek’sai

when it comes to your secondary path, most

rek’sai players prefer to go with


sorcery empoweres abilities of rek’sai and increases the available champion resources. on the

sorcery path, the best runes for reksai are

nimbus cloak and


nimbus cloak, which grants movement speed upon using a summoner spell, works amazingly well with junglers in particular as they take the shortest cooldown summoner spell,


waterwalking grants movement speed in the river, which helps rek’sai get around the map quicker. the kinh hoảngxtra damage will also help in those all important dragon and baron fights.

faq for rek’sai runes

which is the best keystone rune on rek’sai?

the best keystone rune on rek’sai is


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