grand prix

i am an avid follower of grand prix and of various other motor racing activities.

the circuit is essentially city streets — modified marginally — and there will be no grand prix type racing.

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it should not be too difficult to differentiate grand prix racing cars from ordinary sports cars.

one cannot have formula 1 grand prix and keep that policy.

it was never intended that there should be any restrictions on the subsidy from poll tax payers to a grand prix.

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the strange thing is that the new clause we were offered did not impose such financial restrictions if a grand prix were held.

we would not be offered a grand prix; we would purchase it.

i believe that it may well cost more to stage a full formula 1 grand prix, but the benefits from greater sponsorship would be considerable.

it is beyond reasonableness to use this circuit for a serious grand prix on the world scale.

it is heading with characteristically high speed towards a catastrophe of grand prix cancellations and company liquidations.

i am not so certain as he is that the removal of grand prix events would bring about a move in manufacturing industry.

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it points out that, so far as grand prix races in this country are concerned, such advertisements are permitted at only four track-side billboards.

what are we to say to the 500,000 people who turn up to watch motor racing events such as the grand prix?

without the formula 3000 prestigious international race, which is only one step down from grand prix racing proper, the whole event would be in jeopardy.

such a grand prix is an important matter and, in essence, we want four days of circuit closure to stage such a race.

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