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galio runes explained

there’s one set of runes for galio on patch


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that is the clear favorite for lol players and pros alike. the best galio runes on the position galio runes – keystone runes on galio | lolvvv mid are

resolve as the primary path and

inspiration as the secondary path with a pick rate of 46%. besides runes you should take a look on galio build and if you are interested in pro matches take a look at galio probuilds. if you want to discuss

galio then you should visit the champion subreddit.

primary path on galio

resolve empowers the survivability of galio and increases the tankiness. most of high elo players – and our lol pros in the the major regions – have agreed that

aftershock is the best keystone rune to run on

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galio. this keystone rune bulks you up, increasing both armour and magic resistance, once you immobilized a champion.

aftershock synergises both with the sheer amount of crowd control galio possesses and the need to be tanky as soon as you engage. this is usually followed up by taking

shield bash,

bone plating and


shield bash powers up your tankiness and empowers your next basic attack while you have a shield.

bone plating make galio overall tankier, by decreasing the amount of poke damage in the early game.

unflinching inceases galio tenacity based on your missing health.

secondary path on galio

when it comes to your secondary path, most

galio players prefer to go with

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inspiration opens creative opportunities on galio troughout the match. on the

inspiration path, the best runes for galio are

cosmic insight and

minion dematerializer.

cosmic insight grants summoner spell and item haste.

minion dematerializer will help you lớn tưởngtrol the position of the minion wave.

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