when the patient ultimately deteriorates, the clinical staff should be supported if they decide that there should be no escalation in care.

there was a pattern of an escalation in sy mptoms f ollowing each investigation and initial dramatic response to treatment.

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both countries mobilized their armies, but pressure from the international community averted further escalation.

the transition process in all three countries was marked by a sharp escalation in the conflicts between regimes and their opponents.

then an escalation in the number of cases was observed, reaching a second and higher peak after a few days.

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this is further complicated when dose escalation occurs.

a violent strategy would have led inevitably to spiralling escalation, with the state having the strategic edge at every turn in the foreseeable future.

we hypothesized that a temperament characterized in infancy by low activity and high fear would predict escalations in internalizing symptoms.

thus, a border dispute is successfully managed if the dispute is resolved, mitigated or at least prevented from escalation.

accelerated radiotherapy regimen for malignant gliomas using stereotactic concomitant boosts for dose escalation.

the accumulation of such interactions is likely to result in escalation of internalizing symptoms.

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temperament did not predict escalation in externalizing symptomatology for girls, but low levels of fear predicted increases in internalizing symptoms.

they found that both adolescents’ initial levels of alcohol consumption and their rate of escalation in drinking over time predicted later outcomes.

the data here cannot provide a complete answer as to the cause of the escalation in officially recorded statistics on psychiatric morbidity.

the difference was most marked in the typically short escalation phase, when daughters performed more personal care.

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