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dr. mundo runes explained

there’s one set of runes for dr. mundo on patch


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that is the clear favorite for lol players and pros alike. the best dr. mundo runes on the position dr. mundo runes – keystone runes on dr. mundo | lolvvv top are

resolve as the primary path and

inspiration as the secondary path with a pick rate of 56%. besides runes you should take a look on dr. mundo build and if you are interested in pro matches take a look at dr. mundo probuilds. if you want to discuss

dr. mundo then you should visit the champion subreddit.

primary path on dr. mundo

resolve empowers the survivability of dr. mundo and increases the tankiness. most of high elo players – and our lol pros in the the major regions – have agreed that

grasp of the undying is the best keystone rune to run on

dr. mundo. this keystone rune gives dr. mundo alot of sustain and helps to force your opposing champion out of the lane. this is usually followed up by taking


second wind and


demolish increases your pressure on the enemy turrets. this rune will help you to punish bad roams or backtimings of your lane opponent.

second wind powers up your sustainablity in lane by healing after taking damage from an enemy champion.

overgrowth increases your maximum amount of health.

secondary path on dr. mundo

when it comes to your secondary path, most

dr. mundo players prefer to go with

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inspiration opens creative opportunities on dr. mundo troughout the match. on the

inspiration path, the best runes for drmundo are

magical footwear and

approach velocity.

magical footwear allows players to focus on those essential core sản phẩms without the need to spend the additional 300 gold on boots. dr. mundo gains bonus movement speed by

approach velocity, while moving toward enemy champions that are immobilized or slowed. this rune is perfect to follow up engages by your teammates.

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