Black Sea: Summer spot or sex slave route

ukrainian city of odessa has become a hub for the sex slave industry. its strategic port location makes it a hot spot for human trafficking between the region and the rest of the world. hundreds of thousands come to odessa during the high tourist season. yet for many this harbor is a point of no return, as it is from here that most sex slaves are trafficked to other countries.

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  1. There was a big black sea slave trade for hundreds of years from Crimea. The Crimean tartars enslaved it is estimated 3 million slavs from the middle ages to 1700s. The tartars settled in that area for the slave trade, that was there big business there otherwise they would have moved on back to Mongolia or other places. The  word slave comes from the word slav for that reason. The tartars would raid towns in the Ukraine, Poland, and Russia, herded the captives to the coast – young and old died on the way, and shipped them  on boats to the Ottoman empire. This is true, research it on the internet, surprised that there is no video on this site about it.

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  2. West Ukraine only, 3 regions who are assimilated catholics, our border territory which has been a part of 3 different countries. The language is a polish/russian village dialect calls ukrainian language, the rest of Ukraine is still a KIEVAN RUS, BELONGS TO RUSSIAN WORLD SPEAKING IN RUSSIAN

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  3. I have no problem with prostitution on its face. So long as its two consenting adults privately contracting.
    However, if there is ANY force or coersion then it is a crime and kidnapping is right out!
    Its a mess when you have a corrupt government infiltrated with the worst human filth.
    Government is who people must go to to arbitrate disputes if they are unwilling or unable to do so then that vacume will be filled with the worst men out only for themselves.

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  4. Any Rand, the pro – Capitalism writer, of a few novels, and "Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal" (with a forward by Alan Greenspan), said in her "Fountainhead " movie and book she was against slavery, in any form. Now, in the age of globalization, where the "free market" reigns, and Communism has been mostly destroyed as a political competitor, the income gap between the upper class and everyone else, has turned women into just another commodity, sold to the highest bidder. The god of money, Mammon.

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