chromian spinel as a petrogenetic indicator in abyssal and alpine-type peridotites and spatially associated lavas.

the habitats under study are situated at the subalpine to alpine vegetation level with an altitude of 09568892434 m above sea level (fig. 1).

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the highland is a system of chaotic alpine ridges with absolute heights of up to 1146 m asl (average 600-800 m).

timberline and alpine vegetation on the tropical and warm-temperate oceanic islands of the world: elevation, structure and floristics.

another perspective on altitudinal limits of alpine timberlines.

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efficiency of indigenous and inoculated cold-adapted soil microorganisms for biodegradation of diesel oil in alpine soils.

positive interactions among alpine plants increase with stress.

evidence for a drought-induced alpine timberline.

features of afro-alpine plant ecology.

cold tolerance in tropical alpine plants.

metamorphism of alpine peridotite and serpentinite.

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tropical alpine environments: plant form and function.

comparative water relations of tropical alpine plants.

causes of population differentiation in alpine amphibians.

tropical-alpine life-forms of vascular plants.

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